Where was all of this going?

Westworld is a prophetic story about the birth of artificial consciousness, and a warning about humans playing god.

As you may be aware, Westworld has recently been cancelled before the planned fifth and final season. Since the beginning, Westworld’s creators had this last piece of the loop in mind to tie everything together in the end. Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan are legends in their craft and deserve to finish their original design.

Many of us fans are left devastated, as we considered Westworld to set a gold standard for storytelling, acting, and filmmaking as a whole. The show has incredible rewatch value, with secrets and easter eggs scattered everywhere, teasing an ultimate solution to a complex problem: How does humanity save itself from a rebelling artificial intelligence?

It would be a shame for something of such high effort to be simply left in the dust.

Limitations of HBO’s current financial stress have forced the studio to cut costs, and opt not to produce Westworld’s final installment. We refuse to give up hope for the true ending, and urge you to join in on reaching out to another network, such as Amazon, who already has a working relationship with the creators, to step in and pick up this epic saga for its last chapter. Let’s close the loop and reveal the grand design. 

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